Monday, May 18, 2009

Syphilitic Vaginas - Complete Studio Collection (2008)

Bitrate: vbr
Country: Sweden
Genre: Black Metal / Speed Metal
Length: 01:18:14
Size: 91.07 MB
Year: 2008

1.Inferno Rider

2.Iron Sabbath

3.Black Leather Terror

4.Hammer Of Hell

5.Black Sorcery

6.The Lycan Horror

7.Scream Evil

8.In Devil Night

9.Sacrifice Tonight

10.Motor Demon

11.Possessed To Fuck

12.Angel Of Destruction

13.In Satanic Service

14.Armageddon Buttfuck

15.Nightly Fighter

16.Cloven Hoof

17.Witchcraft Night

18.Scorn Of Satan

19.Ritual Titfuck

20.Night Desecrate

21.Altar Of Penis Demon


23.Making Love With Devil

24.BBC Weapons

25.Kanpai War

26.Shred Uranium Pussy

27.Konnichiwa To Yous


29.Hell In Hades

30.Command Us Satan

31.Demon Sexual

32.Black Ritual Murder

33.Oyama Death Cult

34.Tear Off Their Wings

35.March To Golgotha

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